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Filmmaker’s Path From Rwanda to Tribeca


How did “Grey Matter” come about?


I wanted to start with a short story about two siblings who are experiencing trauma. Then I wrote another story about a madman who might have been involved in the killing of the parents of those siblings. It became one really long story. It was really, really experimental and not easy to understand. I tried to raise money. It became really frustrating. It had some elements of my own life. I was suffering to tell the story. So why not write about me suffering to tell the story? I wrote the part about a filmmaker who is not able to make a film that is so dear to his heart.

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Alphonse’s Bike:Igare Rya Rufonse

Kinigi, on the foot of Gorilla Mountain live Alphonse Maniriho who was by accident photographed by Eric Kabera. Alphonse whose technology impressed many people from hillywood to Hollywood with his FM Stereo bike. The film did not only give fame to Alphonse, but also made him get a motorbike from his fans during hillywood film festival and a new coffee bike. Here is the portrait of his journey.
Produced By Eric Kabera 15mins