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Meet Our Six Scholarship Beneficiaries!


(1). IRUMVA Rebecca


GSM: +250783319437
Email Address:

In Her Own Words;
It put me a lot of pride that producers of the sensational film Africa United, have awarded me with a three months scholarships in filmmaking. I was hesitant that I would not effectively compete my fellow applicants. Thanks God I finally got it! This marks the beginning of my journey to become a successful scriptwriter. I cannot exhaustively thank my sponsors for such a wonderful opportunity!

CAREER FIELD: Rebecca is looking forward to specialize in Scriptwriting!

(2). Jules SIBOMANA


GSM: +250788836386
Email Address:

In His Own Words;

I have always wanted to be a successful film director. My directing debut has already been tested with a students film ‘Special Thieves’
I have learnt first hand the challenges that film directors goes through in an effort to bring forth a good film that has a potential to be appreciated beyond the bonders.

My greatest film director model ‘Stephen Spielberg’ once said that despite his huge success in filmmaking, he is still a student. This applies to me and everyday is a learning day. I believe this bursary will help bring out the storyteller in me. I am now looking forward to the classes! Lastly, I am very grateful to all those who were involved in making this happen.

CAREER FIELD: Jules is looking forward to specialize in Film Directing!

(4). Regis NZEYUWERA


GSM: +250788555303
Email Address:

In His Own Words;
Born in 1982, I lost my parents at a tender age and couldn’t complete my studies, as I wished due to lack of financial means. However, that situation didn’t hold me back from thinking on something professional I could do to develop myself both intellectually and financially and also support others in need as much as I can. This is the utmost reason why I had plans to join the KWETU Film Institute.

Filmmaking is my favorite profession and I value it very much and hope it will help me to reach high and achieve my ambition.I am a big fan of the sensational film Africa Unitedbecause it was done professionally involving very young people that I can easily relate with.

In the near future am interested in making “Drama” movies.
Once again I really appreciate your offer of three months scholarship at KWETU Film Institute.

CAREER FIELD: Regis is looking forward to specialize in Cinematography!

(5). Claudine NDIMBIRA


GSM: +250784127767
Email Address:

In Her Own Words

My love for films can be traced way back to my primary school days. I remember as a little girl, I would struggle prioritizing between catching a favorite cartoon and have my dinner! I believed the cartoon was more important. My mom developed a new calling that was geared in reminding me that films were after all fake. However, It is this close relationship between fake and real that has been propelling me in the industry. This bursary could not have come at a better time and is the catalyst that I badly needed to succeed.
Early last month, I was very proud when I was requested to have my voice and song incorporated in an animation film produced by the KWETU Film Institute. I am promising the Institute and my sponsor that I will make maximum use of my time at the school.
I am thankful for such a rare opportunity in Rwanda. I am now more than ever before quite sure that I will finally emerge one of the best sound designer in the region. Thanks!

CAREER FIELD: Claudine is looking forward to specialize in Sound Design!

(3). KAYITANA Isaac


GSM: +250783274567
Email Address:

In His Own Words;
I represent the hand working Rwandan youths who believes in a job well done. I have a lot of untold stories that I hope to tell in the near future. Joining the KWETU Film Institute has always been my goal since the launching ceremony mid last year.
The scholarship marks a milestone towards realizing my future dream. Much as I hope to focus my energies in production department, I am also looking forward to learn what each and every department needs.

CAREER FIELD: Isaac is looking forward to specialize in Film Production!



GSM: +250726484505
Email Address:

In His Own Words
I am 22 years old, current student at the KWETU Film Institute. First and foremost, I consider all films as my lifelong passion. Secondly, i consider films as the only one way I can use to transmit messages to a global audience!

I have a personal touch on comedies because they make me laugh even when I’m sad. The hollywood film director, James Cameron of the Avatar fame is one of my idols. He is genius at his own class and loves his job.

In the near future, i would like to make animation films. I was inspired after taking part at the just concluded animation workshop at KWETU Film Institute. The two weeks extensive workshop saw the successful production of five amazing short films in animation! Honestly, i am still cerebrating!
I am a great reader of Empire magazine, as it gives me breaking movie news, interviews of some famous actors, directors and producers. Lastly, I would like to salute my sponsors a wonderful opportunity to further my skills in filmmaking through this bursary. May God may bless you!

CAREER FIELD: Samuel is looking forward to specialize in Video Editing!

The management of KWETU Film Institute join the student fraternity to thank our scholarship sponsors; Skillset, a UK based organisation that provides training for people within filmmaking industry in the UK, Pathé Productions and the producers of the film – Africa United the sensational film that has become a household name in Rwanda. It tells an extraordinary story of three Rwandan children and their bid to achieve their ultimate dream – to take part in the opening ceremony of the 2010 Football World Cup in Johannesburg. The film is a dramatic, heartfelt and enchanting story set to enthrall family audiences worldwide”
Without you, the awarding of this bursaries would not have been possible!


4 thoughts on “Meet Our Six Scholarship Beneficiaries!

  1. thank you Lord, thank you KFI, you make my dream true.

    • Thanks for your kind words @Sammy, We are equally excited to learn more about your commitment to follow your dream! Welcome to KWETU family!

  2. O my Good! Thank you for making this happen!
    Thanks KWETU for this opportunity!
    For sure, KWETU is our home!

    • Thanks Jules for your kind words. We are looking forward to see you professionalize your art. Good luck!

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